Redevelopment of the AMD Radeon Anti-Lag+ feature is currently underway, and the feature will be returning soon, according to confirmation from the company. In response to a question on Twitter about the reintroduction of Anti-Lag+, Frank Azor, the head of AMD's gaming solutions, confirmed that it will be coming soon. Anti-Lag+ is AMD's technology for reducing whole system latency, which competes with NVIDIA Reflex.

Anti-Lag+ not only benefits competitive online gaming, but it is also an important component for FSR 3 frame-generation. However, the technology introduces a significant amount of latency, which can be observed in current titles with FSR 3. In some cases, there may be ghosting artifacts with fast-moving objects in a 3D scene. This is why NVIDIA Reflex is an integral part of DLSS 3 Frame Generation and is enabled alongside it.

AMD had previously withdrawn Anti-Lag+ due to the unintended triggering of Anti-Cheat mechanisms in several online games. This resulted in automated player bans, which game developers had to manually identify and reverse. The company will need to redesign the way Anti-Lag+ functions and extensively test it with competitive games before reintroducing it.