GIGABYTE Technology Presents Next-Generation Servers at MWC 2024

GIGABYTE Technology, a leading IT pioneer focused on advancing global industries through cloud and AI computing systems, will be showcasing its latest servers at MWC 2024. These servers empower telcos, cloud service providers, enterprises, and SMBs to quickly harness the power of 5G and AI. The highlight of the showcase is an advanced AI server featuring the AMD Instinct MI300X 8-GPU, along with a comprehensive AI/HPC server series that supports the latest chip technology from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. The exhibition will also feature integrated green computing solutions that excel in heat dissipation and energy reduction.

Exploring the Future of Computing

Under the booth theme "Future of COMPUTING," GIGABYTE's presentation will cover a wide range of server solutions. These include servers for AI/HPC, RAN and Core networks, modular edge platforms, all-in-one green computing solutions, and AI-powered self-driving technology. The exhibits will demonstrate how industries can extend AI applications from the cloud to edge and terminal devices through 5G connectivity. This expansion opens up future opportunities with faster time to market and sustainable operations. The showcase will take place from February 26th to 29th at Booth #5F60, Hall 5, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona.

Tomorrow's AI Supercomputers

The demand for AI-ready infrastructure and high-speed storage is increasing within the 5G framework, business operations, and academic research. This is driven by the exponential growth in data volume and the complexity of AI models. GIGABYTE will showcase its latest series of AI/HPC servers and an all-flash array (AFA) storage server. These servers support various advanced technologies, ensuring hyper-speed data transmission. This technological leap is poised to advance exascale AI workloads and real-time big data analysis.

Flexible Server Architectures for the AI-enabled 5G Networks

The massive deployment of 5G applications requires flexible digital infrastructure capable of supporting diverse IT ecosystems. GIGABYTE will introduce one of its modular edge platforms designed to handle a wide range of workloads, including networking, AI inferencing, and cloud computing. This platform offers seamless upgrades to accommodate multi-generational chip technologies and components, ensuring agile adaptation to rapid market changes with minimized maintenance costs.

Servers Tailored for RAN and Core Networks

In response to the increasing demand for 5G and AI applications across businesses of varying scales, GIGABYTE will introduce its latest servers tailored for RAN and Core networks. These servers offer robust performance, catering to a range of computing needs. They excel in energy efficiency and provide expansion opportunities for AI-accelerated computing.

Sustainable AI and Cloud Computing Ensures Optimized TCO

At MWC, GIGABYTE will showcase its comprehensive all-in-one green computing solution, featuring a large-scale immersion cooling tank and two immersion-ready servers tailored for AI and cloud computing. These solutions have remarkable heat-dissipation capabilities and significantly lower power consumption, resulting in a favorable total cost of ownership (TCO). This highlights GIGABYTE's commitment to sustainable and efficient computing solutions.

Future-Proof E-mobility Driven by Edge AI

GIGABYTE's autonomous vehicle technology, leveraging the 5G network and advanced AI algorithms, offers an intelligent driving experience driven by edge AI. The high-speed data transmission performance ensures that GIGABYTE's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and telematics efficiently process vast amounts of data, enabling precise real-time driving decisions even in complex road conditions.

Enterprises visiting GIGABYTE's booth can explore innovative and flexible computing solutions that align with their strategies, providing a competitive edge in the AI-accelerated 5G future.

For more information, visit GIGABYTE's MWC 2024 event page.