Reworded Article

Last week, AMD's Ryzen 8000GE desktop APU lineup was spotted online. Four lower power SKUs with a TDP of 35 W are set to join the already released 65 W TDP AM5 "Hawk Point" family. GucksTV managed to get their hands on a flagship 8000GE model, although it was in engineering sample form. A Hong Kong-based Ebay Store is selling "AMD Ryzen 7 8700GE ES Tray" processors. As of now, only one unit is left in stock, priced at $298.99 with free international delivery option. The "hugohk" shop seems to specialize in providing various Team Red engineering sample CPUs. GucksTV's video review in German compares the Ryzen 7 8700GE engineering sample with the finalized retail release Ryzen 7 8700 APU.

AMD has not officially announced a release date for the leaked Ryzen 8000GE range, but VideoCardz speculates that these variants might hit the market soon through system integrators. According to the GucksTV comparison video, the single-core performance of the 8700GE drops by 5% on average, while the multi-core performance is 17% lower than the 8700G. In terms of graphics, there is an average 23% drop in performance while consuming 52% less power. The reviewer mentioned that the engineering sample did not allow access to memory OC profiles until a motherboard BIOS update was applied, likely through Beta firmware, which enabled 6400 MT/s instead of the normal JEDEC rate of 5200 MT/s. The test platform used an ASRock A620I Lightning WiFi Mini-ITX mainboard, suggesting that finalized Ryzen 7 8700GE APUs could be suitable for quiet and low-temperature compact systems.

VideoCardz has extracted key moments from the review video. They have also compiled the results into a comparison table.