MSI MAG PANO 100 PZ Series

Introducing the MSI MAG PANO 100 PZ Series

MSI has unveiled a groundbreaking case that breaks away from traditional PC case designs. This innovative case features a panoramic view with 4 mm tempered glass and chamfering techniques, allowing you to admire the internal setup from all angles. The rear of the case is adorned with metal nameplates and ARGB panels at the front bottom, showcasing a sophisticated and understated style.

The MAG PANO 100 PZ Series is compatible with both ATX and Micro-ATX Back-connect motherboards, making cable management a breeze. The dual-chamber design offers a spacious 90 mm area behind the motherboard for easy cable management. Tool-free multi-functional cable covers hide cables and allow for effortless SSD installation. Tool-free panels on the top, sides, and front eliminate the need for screws, simplifying the assembly process. The integrated front I/O cable design solves the issue of small, hard-to-grasp cables and closely positioned ports, making assembly easier. Well-arranged ventilation on the side and bottom provides fan installation options, while magnetic dust filters on the side and bottom make daily cleaning a cinch.

The MSI MAG PANO 100 PZ Series also supports vertical GPU installation with push-latches for quick switching between horizontal and vertical brackets. An adjustable GPU holder for high-end GPUs installed horizontally is included in the accessory box. The case can accommodate three 360 mm radiators simultaneously, offering ample space for custom water-cooling setups.

The MAG PANO 100 PZ Series comes in four models: the MAG PANO 100R PZ and MAG PANO 100R PZ WHITE come with pre-installed ARGB fans, while the MAG PANO 100L PZ and MAG PANO 100L PZ WHITE are fan-less versions, providing more flexibility for airflow customization.

The MSI MAG PANO 100 PZ Series combines elegance, power, and ease of assembly, making it the perfect choice for every user looking to build their ideal computer.