The GPUs by Nvidia that we currently have in the market are phenomenal. It doesn't matter what the GPU's model is; if it's from Nvidia, you can expect an exceptional price-to-performance ratio without a doubt. And when we talk about RTX 4080, the graphics card is another fantastic product by Nvidia.

The RTX 4080 performs 20% better than RTX 4070 Ti and comes at a reasonable MSRP of $1199. The GPU is a beast in terms of power, making it the best for all use cases. The RTX 4080 delivers quality performance in 1440p and 4K. The card will deliver performance according to the gaming demographics and can be considered more popular than RTX 4090.

So what features should I know about RTX 4080 before buying it?

If that's the question on your mind, you are at the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about the RTX 4080: from its variations to speciations. So without further ado, let's get started!

When Was The RTX 4080 Released? And How Much Does It Cost?

The RTX 4080 was released on the 16th of November, 2022, just before Black Friday. In the months since launch, you should see some minor discounts on the GPU, especially on the "premium" models of RTX 4080. However, it is also rumored by a few tech YouTubers that the RTX 4080 will have a "Paper Launch" this means that card has been released to the public but would be short in supply.

That's okay if it's a limited quantity, but how much will it cost?

The RTX 4080 16 GB (as mentioned earlier) costs $1199. However, it's worth considering that we are experiencing price drops in the current GPUs because cryptocurrency bottomed out massively and hasn't recovered. And now that Ethereum has moved on from mining via GPU, there's a flood in the secondary market for the 30-model series, leaving a big question mark on the value of the new GPUs.

Specifications Of The RTX 4080

Now that we have covered the basics of the RTX 4080 let's talk a bit more about the specifications that the RTX 4080 has to offer. The GPU is speedy and works well, especially in Overwatch 2. At Ultra Settings, 1440p, the RTX 4080 16 GB can push over 450 FPS quickly. 

Below we have discussed the full specifications of the RTX 4080:

Base Clock

2205 MHz

Boost Clock

2505 MHz

Memory Clock 

1400 MHz, 22.4 Gbps effective

Memory Type


Memory Size 

16 GB 

Slot Width 



320 W


1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a

Power Connectors 

1x 16-pin

L1 Cache

128 KB (per SM)

L2 Cache

64 MB


45,900 million

CUDA Cores 



310 mm

Width / Height 

140 mm / 61 mm

If we compare the RTX 4080 specifications with previous generation GPUs, the RTX 4080 has nearly 1000 CUDA cores more than the 3080. Though some features might not make a significant difference, when we talk about the clock speed, the RTX 4080 is significantly faster, giving it an overall boost. 

Benchmarks Of The RTX 4080

It's essential for you to know the benchmarks of a GPU before you make the big purchase. And the benchmarks delivered by the RTX 4080 are nothing but promising. The GPU isn't just ideal for gaming but can work well for everyone. 

You should expect the RTX 4080 to benchmark around 15,000 in the Time Spy Extreme. On the Flight Simulator, the RTX 4080 didn't get quite the expected performance boost, but this can be because of the CPU (Intel Core i5-13600K) which was used with the card. 

The benchmark of Cyberpunk 2077 goes off the graph as it delivers three times the performance with RTX 4080 than without it. Similarly, in Darktide, you will experience two times better performance with RTX 4080. The difference in games with the GPU can be felt and enjoyed by the players.

Want to learn more about the gaming performance delivered by the RTX 4080?

Below we have discussed everything you need to know about the RTX 4080 with gaming before buying it.

4K Gaming Performance On The RTX 4080 

When talking about 4K gaming performance, the RTX 4080 didn't disappoint. The card can deliver eminent performance in 4K with some modern titles. Below we have discussed RTX 4080 along with other GPUs by Nvidia to give you the whole comparison.

PC Configurations: Intel Core i5-13600K (CPU), ADATA XPG Lancer RGB 32GB DDR5-6000 (RAM), ASUS ROG Z790 Maximus Extreme (Motherboard)





RTX 4080 (FPS)

RTX 4090 (FPS)

RTX 3080 (10 GB) (FPS)

Forza Horizon 5







Cyberpunk 2077







CS: GO (Dust 2)







Cyberpunk 2077







At 4K, the RTX 4080 does offer gamers decent performance. The performance delivered by 4080 is 20% less than RTX 4090. Anyways, the RTX 4090 is $400 more expensive than the RTX 4080. So considering the price difference between the two cards, the RTX 4080 isn't a bad choice if you want to save some cash and play games with decent graphics. 

What's The Difference Between The RTX 4080 16 GB & RTX 4080 12 GB?

Nvidia's initial plans were to release two variants of the RTX 4080, one with 12 GB and the other one with 16 GB. The RTX 4080 12 GB has been canceled for now, and we can't expect two versions of the GPU. However, the two GPUs were wholly different and had little in common.

The RTX 4080 16 GB uses the AD103 chip. The RTX 4080 12 GB used a lighter chip, AD104. And chips aren't the only thing that is different in the two variants. Both versions of GPUs offer different power, CUDA cores, and memory bus width.


The RTX 4080 can be an ideal mid-range GPU if you have a decent budget. However, it all comes down to your usage and the components you use with the GPU. So if you are using a GPU from the 10-series or the 20-series, upgrading to the 4080 is optimal. Whereas, if you are on the 30-series, you can avoid the upgrade unless you want to stay on the cutting edge.