Introducing the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck

Flight sim enthusiasts, get ready for an immersive experience with the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck. This premium combat HOTAS flight simulation control system is now available for Windows 10 & 11 PCs. Designed by the same team behind Turtle Beach's best-selling flight accessories, the VelocityOne Flightdeck offers unparalleled control and customization.

With fifteen axes and 139 programmable functions, pilots can tailor the controls to their preferences while staying fully engaged in the gameplay. The Flight Touch Display and OLED Heads-Up Display provide exceptional performance optimization and customization options. To further enhance the experience, the Flight Hangar app allows for in-depth customization, including control of RGB lighting zones and additional touchscreens.

The VelocityOne Flightdeck is available now for $399.99 MSRP from Turtle Beach and participating retailers. According to Cris Keirn, Interim CEO & SVP of Global Sales at Turtle Beach Corporation, "Whether you're flying in the skies or stratosphere, VelocityOne Flightdeck delivers an unmatched contemporary flight simulation experience. We're excited to continue expanding our best-selling and award-winning lineup with the new VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS."